Sentence Examples

  • The Kasteel-Berg (Castle Mount), a northern buttress of the mountain, has its own peculiar flora.
  • Its walls are lofty and supported by buttress bastions with loopholed turrets at intervals; the fortifications, however, are but of hard clay and are much out of repair.
  • 3 This project was favoured by the Magyar conservative magnates who had never broken with the court, but was steadily opposed by the Liberal leader Ferencz Deal(whose upright and tenacious character made him at this crisis the oracle and the buttress of the national cause.
  • The Drakensberg forming the buttress of the plateau seaward, attain their highest elevation on the BasutoNatal border.
  • Of the frontier ridge, on a buttress, and is thus entirely in Switzerland, of which it is the culminating peak (and not, as often stated, the Dom, 14,942 ft., in the Mischabel group).