Sentence Examples

  • Many devices are used, however, to ensure the adhesion between concrete and bar being perfect.
  • Iron ships' plates have recently been coated with copper in sections (to prevent the adhesion of barnacles), by building up a temporary trough against the side of the ship, making the thoroughly cleansed plate act both as cathode and as one side of the trough.
  • - Diagrams of Transverse Sections of a Lamellibranch to show the Adhesion, by Concrescence, of the Gill-Lamellae to the Mantle-flaps, to the foot and to one another.
  • He hoped, by presenting facts as they were, to win the adhesion of all parties.
  • In 1832 the adhesion of Baden to the Prussian Zollverein did much for the material prosperity of the country.