Sentence Examples

  • Of Great Britain, routed the allied British, Portuguese and Spanish troops.
  • It was not until 1526 that the embassy was dismissed; and not many years afterwards the negus entreated the help of the Portuguese against Mahommedan invaders, and the viceroy sent an expeditionary force, commanded by his brother Cristoforo da Gama, with 450 musketeers.
  • On this occasion the palace was plundered and the town burnt; but the Portuguese were finally repulsed, and fled to their ships after heavy loss.
  • During this period Achin developed a determined enmity to the Portuguese, and more than one attempt was made to drive the strangers from Malacca.
  • The Dukwia and Farmington are tortuous rivers entering the sea under the name of the river Junk (Portuguese, Junco).