Sentence Examples

  • Fargard 18 treats of the true and false priest, of the value of the house-cock, of the four paramours of the she-devil, and of unlawful lust.
  • Between 1606 and 1618 various attempts were made under English and Episcopal influence, by assemblies afterwards declared unlawful, to set aside the "Book of Common Order."
  • 6 and 27, unlawful marriages and acts of unchastity, vv.
  • A series of synods, from the early 12th century onwards, declared such marriages to be not only unlawful, but null and void in themselves.
  • A vast intended meeting was proclaimed unlawful, and in October 1843 O'Connell was arrested and held to bail, with ten or twelve of his principal followers.

What's another word for unlawful?

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