Sentence Examples

  • He's the illegitimate son of Josh 'Bones' Mulligan and he killed Billy Langstrom to shut him up!
  • The cousin had to be the illegitimate daughter of the old man.
  • "The cousin is always the illegitimate daughter of the old man," Dean answered.
  • The Picts and Britons now recovered their independence; for Aldfrith, apparently an illegitimate son of Oswio, who succeeded, made no attempt to reconquer them.
  • Dupin de Francueil, a farmer-general of the revenue, who married the widow of Count Horn, a natural son of Louis XV., she in her turn being the natural daughter of Maurice de Saxe, the most famous of the many illegitimate children of Augustus the Strong, by the lovely countess of Konigsmarck.

What's another word for illegitimate?

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