Sentence Examples

  • In 1681, during a time of peace, it was suddenly seized by Louis XIV., and this unjustifiable action received formal recognition at the peace of Ryswick in 1697.
  • And whilst their local and fugitive character must be fully recognized and allowed for, is it unjustifiable to set them aside or leave them out of account as heretical, and therefore negligible.
  • The success of his pamphlet gained him ready access to all Whig circles; but already his confidence in that party was shaken, and he was beginning to meditate that change of sides which has drawn down upon him so much but such unjustifiable obloquy.
  • But these vagaries are not only unjustifiable; they are entirely unnecessary.
  • The crown occasionally interfered in a more unjustifiable manner with the companies in the exercise of their patronage.

What's another word for unjustifiable?

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