Sentence Examples

  • The word holiness (qodesh) in primitive Hebrew usage partook of the nature of taboo, and came to be applied to whatever, whether thing or person, stood in close relation to deity and belonged to him, and could not, therefore, be used or treated like other objects not so related, and so was separated or stood apart.
  • Disease and death were often connected with the violation of taboo, the offended gods thus punishing the offenders.
  • The system of taboo was connected with their religious rites.
  • There are various other subjects and occasions of taboo, but the institution has not the oppressive and all-pervading character which it has in Polynesia.
  • There were two ways by which things might become taboo: (I) by contact with anything belonging to the god, as his visible representation or his priest.

What's another word for taboo?

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