Sentence Examples

  • The answer to this charge is partly that such a law seems unattainable, and partly that the idealistic content of the present which philosophy extracts is always an advance upon actual fact, and so does throw a light into the future.
  • - Salt must have been quite unattainable to primitive man in many parts of the world.
  • Again, it assumes an ideal of truth which turns out to be humanly unattainable and incompatible with the existence of error, an d an ideal of science which no human science can be conceived as attaining.
  • But climatic conditions and racial temperament rendered the Oriental manner of monasticism unattainable, as a rule, in the West.
  • The third period has for its great distinction the invention of the Bessemer and open-hearth processes, which are like Huntsman's crucible process in that their essence is their freeing wrought iron and low carbon steel from mechanically entangled cinder, by developing the hitherto unattainable temperature, rising to above 1500° C., needed for melting these relatively infusible products.

What's another word for unattainable?

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