Sentence Examples

  • Thus the illusory nature of the traditional definition of mathematics is again illustrated.
  • The conditions of peace were naturally humiliating for Valdemar,' though, ultimately, he contrived to render illusory many of the inordinate privileges he was obliged to concede.
  • He had long passed the traditional years of Peter's pontificate, had reigned longer than any previous wearer of the tiara, and had seen some brilliant days - days of illusory glory.
  • For a long time this hope proved illusory, and in the case of Egyptian archaeology the results have proved disappointing even up to the very present.
  • Further protests were made by many of the powers when the illusory nature of these concessions became known, and it was not until May 1906 that diplomatic relations with Servia were resumed by Great Britain.

What's another word for illusory?

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