Sentence Examples

  • The camp was almost unapproachable from the west by reason of the precipitous hillsides and Valley Creek, a small stream flowing northward at their base into the Schuylkill river which afforded a barrier on the north; on the east a series of intrenchments and rifle-pits were built.
  • The ardent patriot, the far-seeing statesman, were united in his person with the consummate and unapproachable artist.
  • Then it was that he began to direct his attention to a study of the Bible, which led him to a conviction, never afterwards shaken, not only of the divine character of evangelical religion, but also of the unapproachable adequacy of its expression in the Augsburg Confession.
  • Durga, " the unapproachable," and Kali, " the black one," or, as some take it, the wife of Kala, " time," or death the great dissolver, viz.

What's another word for unapproachable?

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