Sentence Examples

  • He had some unworldly views on things, she mused.
  • Men began to feel a desire for a theolo g Y g of the heart and an unworldly simplicity of life.
  • Yet the relation of Congregational polity to its religious ideal had already become less intimate and conscious than even half a century before: the system was held simply as one traditionally associated with a serious and unworldly piety.
  • His life was a poet's life from first to last - free, unworldly, unhurried, unconventional, unselfish, and was contentedly and joyously lived.
  • He had a rare power of attracting to himself the finest spirits, a power which lay not so much in his ability or his genius as in his character, so simple, so humble, so pure, so unworldly, yet wanting not that severity which can stand by principle and maintain what he holds to be the truth.

What's another word for unworldly?

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