Sentence Examples

  • In spite of such worldly concerns I barely remember climbing beneath the covers sleep came so quickly.
  • The ability seemed so out of worldly that for us to flail about, making God-like decisions seemed to be a sin.
  • Toby leaned back, wishing he knew how to start a fire like Rhyn.  He closed his eyes to search the angel memories for information about the under-worldly trees.  Uneasily, he found the memories he sought.  They confirmed what he'd already figured out: trees didn't like demons.
  • She looked at the woman closely in the limited light to make sure it wasn't a demon or some other kind of under-worldly creature out to eat her.
  • The sacred college had grown especially worldly and troublesome since the time of Sixtus IV., and Leo took advantage of a plot of several of its members to poison him, not only to inflict exemplary punishments by executing one and imprisoning several others, but also to make a radical change in the college.

What's another word for worldly?

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