Sentence Examples

  • Life without Princess Mary, little as he seemed to value her, was unthinkable to him.
  • None the less it is true that these men and women endured torments, often unthinkable in their cruelty, and death rather than abandon their faith.
  • But, as in 1800, it was the unthinkable that happened.
  • The result then is briefly thus: In place of the one absolute position, which in some unthinkable way the common understanding substitutes for the absolute positions of the n attributes, we have really a series of two or more positions for each attribute, every series, however, beginning with the same (as it were, central) real (hence the unity of substance in a group of attributes), but each being continued by different reals (hence the plurality and difference of attributes in unity of substance).
  • (2) Time is infinite motion without a moment of rest and is unthinkable otherwise.

What's another word for unthinkable?

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