Sentence Examples

  • That might be a conceivable development of usage.
  • The list of Varro's writings includes over seventy treatises and more than six hundred books dealing with topics of every conceivable kind.
  • It is also conceivable that bodies might gravitate differently at different temperatures.
  • When flying, flamingos present a striking and beautiful sight, with legs and neck stretched out straight, looking like white and rosy or scarlet crosses with black arms. Not less fascinating is a flock of these sociable birds when at rest, standing on one or both legs, with their long necks twisted or coiled upon the body in any conceivable position.
  • It was from such a standpoint conceivable that the thoughts and diction of the writer had undergone an entire transformation in the long interval that intervened between the composition of the two books, on the supposition that both were from the same hand.

What's another word for conceivable?

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