Sentence Examples

  • Almond's brilliant characterization and ability to evoke atmosphere, time and place mixes the real and unreal in a totally believable way.
  • He makes life on a space station believable, and uses technology brilliantly not only to train his young characters, but to move the plot forward when Ender discovers an unusual landscape in a complex training game.
  • JRR Tolkien, the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, was a master at creating the believable world of Middle Earth including fine details such as weapons like swords, knives and spears that clashed in battle as good fought evil.
  • It will also let you gauge how flattering an eye color is on you, let try out multiple colors without spending a lot of money, and make sure the fit is just what you need to look believable and feel as comfortable as a contact lens can.
  • The making of the Lord of the Rings trilogy challenged filmmakers to create a believable rendition of Middle Earth as well as finding the right Lord of the Rings cast to portray the mix of Hobbits, Elves, Wizards and more.