Sentence Examples

  • The three great results of psychological observation are Sensibility, Activity or Liberty, and Reason.
  • In a similar manner, for systems used in photography, the vertex of the colour curve must be placed in the position of the maximum sensibility of the plates; G'; and to accomplish this the F and violet mercury lines are united.
  • But, as he wrote to Young in 1824, in him "that sensibility, or that vanity, which people call love of glory" had been blunted.
  • It is not wonderful, therefore, that a lad to whom nature had given a powerful imagination and sensibility which amounted to a disease, should have been early haunted by religious terrors.
  • For, who with all his faults was never wanting in a fine and generous sensibility, proposed that there should be a public funeral, and that the body should lie among the illustrious dead in Westminster Abbey.

What's another word for sensibility?

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