Sentence Examples

  • Both principles have sensibility, and thus all products of their collision are sentient, that is, feel pleasure and pain.
  • Debussy has this in common with Strauss, that he too regards harmonies as pure physical sensations; but he differs from Strauss firstly in systematically refusing to regard them as anything else, and secondly in his extreme sensibility to harshness.
  • It is probable that they acquire special sensibility at the breeding season and serve as " guides " in copulation.
  • Haller's definition of irritability as a property of muscular tissue, and its distinction from sensibility as a property of nerves, struck at the root of the prevailing hypothesis respecting animal activity.
  • Provost Robertson belonged to the Clan Donachie, and by this marriage the robust and business-like qualities of the Lowlander were blended with the poetic imagination, the sensibility and fire of the Gael.

What's another word for sensibility?

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