Sentence Examples

  • Bonding research has also led to increased awareness of the natural capabilities of the infant at birth, and so it has encouraged many others to deliver their babies without anesthesia (which depresses mother and infant responsiveness).
  • Inhibited-A type of child defined by Jerome Kagan and his colleagues as having a low level of responsiveness to strangers, a reluctance to initiate activities, and requiring a long time to relax in new situations.
  • Speaking with other professionals who depend on the service, quality, and responsiveness of the drop shipper can give you a good idea of what to expect if you enter into a business relationship with the company.
  • Researchers define parenting styles based on two factors: demand and responsiveness, where demand means what parents ask of their children, and responsiveness describes how they meet their children's needs.
  • They often demonstrate lower than normal levels of interest in their environment and less responsiveness to others, and they are slower than other children in reacting to visual or auditory stimulation.