Sentence Examples

  • I've been in a rut for a long time.
  • Someday. I've had a few bit parts and been in a rut for awhile.
  • Other cosmographers of distinction were Pedro Reinel (1504-1542), Nuno Garcia de Toreno (1520), to whom we are indebted for 21 charts, illustrating Magellan's voyage, Diogo Ribero (maps of the world 1527, 1529), 2 Alonzo de Santa Cruz, of Seville, whose Isolario general includes charts of all parts of the world (1541), John Rotz or Rut (1542), Sebastian Cabot (1544), as also Nicolas Desliens, Pierre Desceliers, G.
  • I was in a rut here, living my life according to the wishes of Denton and Dad.