Sentence Examples

  • Beneath each food-groove was a radial water-vessel and probably a nerve and blood-vessel, all which structures passed either between certain regularly arranged thecal plates, or along a furrow floored by those plates, which were then in two alternating series.
  • Between the Takht Mountain and the Siwaliks, the intervening belt of ridge and furrow has been greatly denuded by transverse drainage - a system of drainage which we now know to have existed before the formation of the hills, and to have continued to cut through them as they gradually rose above the plain level.
  • It may be noted that in some traditions he is called the son of Dysaules (possibly identical with diaulos, the "double furrow" traced by the ox), and that, according to the Latin poets (e.g.
  • Beyond, again, lies a broad furrow, or ` longitudinal fold,' as geologists call it, parallel to the ridges, and then rises the last elevation, a belt of low calcareous hills, on which, here and there among the waves of beech forest, purple or blue with distance, a white cliff retains its local colour and shines like a patch of fresh snow.
  • C, Furrow, in which the narrow D, Ventral view of a more exfoot is concealed.

What's another word for furrow?

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