Sentence Examples

  • One branch of the Seljuks founded the empire of Rum, with its capital first at Nicaea and then at Iconium.
  • After this, travelling through Syria, he made a circuit among the petty Turkish states into which Asia Minor was divided after the fall of the kingdom of Rum (Iconium).
  • Among the factories on the English model are the Elgin and Muir cotton mills at Cawnpore, the Cawnpore tanneries and leather factories, the Shahjahanpur rum distillery, and breweries at Mussoorie and Naini Tal.
  • In 1777, largely, it seems, because he refused to treat the electors with rum and punch, after the custom of the time, he was not reelected, but in November of the same year he was chosen a member of the privy council or council of state, in which he acted as interpreter for a few months, as secretary prepared papers for the governor, and in general took a prominent part from the, 4th of January 1778 until the end of 1779, when he was elected a delegate to the Continental Congress.
  • In addition, a considerable quantity of molasses and smaller quantities of rum, vanilla and coco-nut oil are exported.

What's another word for rum?

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