Sentence Examples

  • James Thomson (" B.V.") speaks " of the restful rapture of the inviolate grave," and sings the praises of death and of oblivion.
  • Mortifications and the rapture of the visions to which they were admitted.
  • In 1763, and in the same year entered at Lincoln's Inn, and took his seat as a student in the queen's bench, where he listened with rapture to the judgments of Lord Mansfield.
  • Peculiar elements in Paul's eschatology are the doctrines of the Rapture of the Saints (1 Thess.
  • The states of Rapture are called Conditions of Bliss, and they are regarded as useful for the help they give towards the removal of the mental obstacles to the attainment of Arahatship.6 Of the thirty-seven constituent parts of Arahatship they enter into one group of four.

What's another word for rapture?

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