Sentence Examples

  • Obviously he isn't as overbearing as Alex.
  • His overbearing manner made him numerous enemies, and, after being imprisoned on the death of Julian, he was put to death by Valens.
  • Lange; as a retort to that writer's overbearing criticism, Lessing exposed with scathing satire Lange's errors in his popular translation of Horace.
  • Bold, overbearing and unscrupulous, Sinan recoiled from no baseness to put a rival out of the way; while his insolence was not confined to foreign ambassadors, but was exercised towards his opponents in the sultan's presence.
  • Dean felt equally acrimonious toward the overbearing state official whom he hadn't seen since the winter and who, in Dean's mind, had no business being back in Ouray.

What's another word for overbearing?

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