Sentence Examples

  • 34) and lived in relations now amicable, now tyrannical (e.g.
  • He was a man of barbaric aesthetic tastes, and Acre owes some of its public buildings to him: but he was also capricious and tyrannical, and well lived up to his surname.
  • No less a tyrannical master than the Turks and the sheiks;, the country revolted in 1834, but the insurrection was quelled.
  • The new governor, Ramon Blanco, was like Despujols and many of his predecessors, humane at heart, but he could do little more than hold in check the tyrannical schemes of The the clergy.
  • Much opposition was offered to the scheme, which was denounced as an insidious attempt to enslave the people by arbitrary and tyrannical methods.

What's another word for tyrannical?

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