Sentence Examples

  • They were like Barbie and Ken, for cripe's sake.
  • The town is near the right bank of the river Ken, 95 m.
  • See Huber's Lambert nach seinem Leben and W-ken; M.
  • THOMAS KEN (1637-17x1), the most eminent of the English non-juring bishops, and one of the fathers of modern English hymnology, was born at Little Berkhampstead, Herts, in 1637.
  • He was the son of Thomas Ken of Furnival's Inn, who belonged to an ancient stock, - that of the Kens of Ken Place, in Somersetshire; his mother was a daughter of the now forgotten poet, John Chalkhill, who is called by Walton an "acquaintant and friend of Edmund Spenser."

What's another word for ken?

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