Sentence Examples

  • Dean tried to isolate the sound, looking frantically in all downward directions, trying to see a trace, a telltale puff of smoke in the gathering dusk.
  • The metal is difficult to isolate, and until recently it may be doubted whether the pure metal had been obtained.
  • The lines of cardinal importance are (I) the rasceta or cross sulci, which isolate the hand from the forearm at the wrist, and which are the flexion folds between the looser forearm skin and that tied down to the fascia above the level of the anterior annular ligament.
  • Of France, but after declaring war on France in August 1294 he did nothing to assist his ally~ At home he relieved the cities of some of their burdens and upheld them in the quarrel about the Pfahlburger; and he sought to isolate Albert of Habsburg, who was treating with Philip of France.
  • It has been urged that the neurons retract during sleep, and that thus at the synapses the gap between nerve cell and nerve cell becomes wider, or that the supporting cells expand between the nerve cells and tend to isolate the latter one from the other.

What's another word for isolate?

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