Sentence Examples

  • As the conic having an eccentricity greater than unity, is a convenient starting-point for the Euclidian investigation.
  • His whole kingdom was to be unified; Judaism was an eccentricity and as such doomed to extinction.
  • Elliptic orbits, and a parabolic orbit considered as the special case when the eccentricity of the ellipse is 1, are almost the only ones the astronomer has to consider, and our attention will therefore be confined to them in the present article.
  • We put e for the eccentricity of the ellipse, represented P, by the ratio M CF: CA.
  • The year 1787 was rendered further memorable by Laplace's announcement on the 19th of November (Memoirs, 1786), of the dependence of lunar acceleration upon the secular changes in the eccentricity of the earth's orbit.

What's another word for eccentricity?

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