Sentence Examples

  • All the known minor planets have the same common direction, but their orbits generally have a greater eccentricity and mutual inclination.
  • It is therefore a conic section having its eccentricity equal to unity.
  • Most of the orbits are remarkably eccentric ellipses, the average eccentricity being about 0.5.
  • His whole kingdom was to be unified; Judaism was an eccentricity and as such doomed to extinction.
  • (x2+3,2) If the ellipsoid is one of revolution round the major axis a (prolate) and of eccentricity e, then the above formula reduces to I I l og e (I +e) C - tae Whereas if it is an ellipsoid of revolution round the minor axis b (oblate), we have I sin - tae C2 - ae (9).

What's another word for eccentricity?

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