Sentence Examples

  • Among other species are P. antisianus, P. fulgidus, P. auriceps and P. pavoninus, from various parts of South America, but though all are beautiful birds, none possess the wonderful singularity of the quezal.
  • An observer of very different mettle, the great lawyer d'Aguesseau, dwells on the "noble singularity, that gave him an almost prophetic air.
  • The singularity of its structure, its curious habits, and its peculiar economical value have naturally attracted no little attention from zoologists.
  • The cases may be divided into sub-cases, by the consideration of compound singularities; thus when m= 4, n= 6, S = 3, the three nodes may be all distinct, which is the general case, or two of them may unite together into the singularity called a tacnode, or all three may unite together into a triple point or else into an oscnode.
  • Singularity excites our wonder in Thaumastocheles zaleucus, v.