Sentence Examples

  • Katie turned the crank at the base of the bed.
  • When the link forms part of a mechanism the respective accelerations of two points in the link can be determined by means of the velocity and acceleration diagrams described in 82, it being understood that the motion of one link in the mechanism is prescribed, for instance, in the steam-engines mechanism that the crank shall revolve uniformly.
  • Moves with uniform velocity, so that if a is its angular velocit and r its radius, the acceleration is ar in a direction along the cran arm from the crank pin to the centre of the shaft.
  • L3ennett3 which is as follows: Let OK be the crank and KB the connecting rod.
  • Then, the crank standing at any angle with the line of stroke, draw LP at right angles to the connecting rod, PN at right angles to the line of stroke OB and NA at right angles to the connecting rod; then AO is the acceleration of the point B to the scale on which KO represents the acceleration of the point K.

What's another word for crank?

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