Sentence Examples

  • At depths of loon ft.
  • Before it receives the Voronezh the Don has a breadth of 500 to 700, or even in a few places loon ft., while its depth varies from 4 to 20 ft.; by the time it reaches its most eastern point the depth has increased to 8-50 ft., and the ordinary breadth to 700 -1000 ft., with an occasional maximum of 1400 ft.; in the lowest division the depth is frequently 70 ft., and the breadth in many places 1870 ft.
  • Its width is very uniform for loon m.
  • There is evidence, however, that so early as loon B.C. an export trade existed to the Red Sea by way of East Africa, and before 750 B.C. a similar trade had sprung up with Babylon by way of the Persian Gulf.
  • From East London the railway rises loon ft.; at Kei Road, 46 m.

What's another word for loon?

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