Sentence Examples

  • While she was concerned about the rift in our associates' relationship, she felt Quinn and Howie getting together might produce some positive results, in spite of how acrimonious they might be to each other.
  • Dean felt equally acrimonious toward the overbearing state official whom he hadn't seen since the winter and who, in Dean's mind, had no business being back in Ouray.
  • He didn't have to explain how accusing his opponent would be perceived, especially after their acrimonious debate.
  • She.d seen the acrimonious relationship between him and Kris and understood some of what made them enemies.
  • Gibbon, however, regrets that the style of his pamphlet was too acrimonious; and this regret, considering his antagonist's slight claims to forbearance, is creditable to him.

What's another word for acrimonious?

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