Sentence Examples

  • Domestic troubles embittered the last years of Lysimachus's life.
  • This totally unexpected defeat greatly embittered him.
  • The position was still further embittered by the fact that, owing to an indiscretion, the memorandum became known to the public. Thereupon the king, irritated and outraged, replaced Abel's Clerical ministry by a more accommodating Liberal one under Zu Rhein under which Lola Montez without more difficulty became Countess Landsberg.
  • Soon the word Antichrist re-echoed from all sides in the embittered controversies of the West.
  • His first resignation in 1864 was refused; but the despotic acts by which he sought to establish a dictatorship only embittered his opponents, and in September 1865 he retired from office.

What's another word for embittered?

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