Sentence Examples

  • The senior members of the club were condescending with the would-be recruits that lacked wealth and status.
  • For instance, what about the apparent apathy of many would-be voters?
  • Paul Wall knew from a young age he wanted to break into rap music, but he was also realistic enough to know he had to find some "in" into the business to make himself stand out from all the other would-be rappers out there.
  • She's also the host of Project Runway, a reality show on the Bravo network that traces the journey of a group of hungry would-be fashion designers vying for a shot to display their lines at New York's prestigious Fashion Week festivities.
  • The "housing bubble" artificially inflated home prices around the country, requiring that would-be home buyers take out a large mortgage to purchase the house at a high price before the housing bubble burst.