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Another word for wool

  1. Fleecy fiber, especially of sheep

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  2. Cloth made from wool

      1. Clothes of tweed
      2. A suit, skirt, etc. of this
      3. A coarse, rugged, often nubby woolen fabric made in any of various twill weaves and used chiefly for casual suits and coats.
      1. A soft, lightweight, loosely woven woolen cloth with a slightly napped surface
      2. (Brit., Informal) Vague, indirect speech or writing, used as to avoid answering a question
      3. Outer clothing, especially pants, made of this cloth.
      1. A garment made of this cloth
      2. A sturdy, tightly woven fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon twill.
      3. A cloth of wool, cotton, rayon, etc. twilled on one side and having a fine, diagonal weave, used for suits, coats, dresses, etc.
      1. Natural or synthetic yarn of a medium weight.
      2. A smooth, firmly twisted thread or yarn made from long-staple wool combed to make the fibers lie in the same direction
      3. The fine, smooth fabric made from such wool yarn.
      1. Woolen goods or clothing
      2. Fabric or clothing made from wool.
      1. (Dated) fabric for making suits
      2. Fabric from which suits are made.
      3. Cloth used for making suits
      1. A strong twilled fabric with a diagonal rib, made of wool, silk, rayon, etc. and used for suits, coats, etc.
      1. A densely textured, traditionally woolen cloth with a plain or twill weave and a lustrous finish.
      2. A closely woven silk, cotton, or synthetic fabric with a narrow crosswise rib.
      3. A fine, smooth cotton, rayon, or silk cloth, used for shirts, pajamas, etc.
      1. (Archit.) A horizontal band, often decorated with sculpture, between the architrave and cornice of a building
      2. A kind of coarse woolen cloth or stuff with a shaggy or tufted (friezed) nap on one side.
      3. A decoration or series of decorations forming an ornamental band around a room, mantel, etc.
      1. The long, fine hair of the Angora goat.
      2. Yarn or fabric made from the hair of the angora goat, often as mixed with cotton or other materials.
      1. A fabric of matted, compressed animal fibers, such as wool or fur, sometimes mixed with vegetable or synthetic fibers.
      2. A fabric of wool, often mixed with fur or hair or with cotton, rayon, etc., the fibers being worked together by pressure, heat, chemical action, etc. instead of by weaving or knitting
      3. Anything made of felt
      1. The act or punishment of tossing in a blanket.
      2. Cloth for making blankets
      3. Anything that covers like a blanket
      1. Cloth or materials for carpets.
      2. Material used for carpets.
      3. Carpets or carpet fabric
      1. The characteristic features and biology of a particular kind of plant or plant group.
      2. The plant life, or the properties and life phenomena exhibited by a plant, plant type, or plant group.
      3. A book or scholarly work on this subject.
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