Sentence Examples

  • Hence in any infinitesimal part of the fluid the circulation is zero round every small plane curve passing through the vortex line; and consequently the circulation round any curve drawn on the surface of a vortex filament is zero.
  • Immediately afterwards Langton was drawn into the vortex of English politics.
  • The United States was, at this time, drawn into the vortex of European complications, and Adams, instead of taking advantage of the militant spirit which was aroused, patriotically devoted himself to securing peace with France, much against the wishes of Hamilton and of Hamilton's adherents in the cabinet.
  • This finer matter which collects in the centre of each vortex is the first matter of Descartes - it constitutes the sun or star.
  • (7) Interchanging these values =m log r, 4, = mO, 4,+4,i =m log rei e (8) gives a state of vortex motion, circulating round Oz, called a straight or columnar vortex.