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Another word for undertow

      1. A circular current; a whirlpool.
      2. A contrary movement or trend, limited in importance or effect
      3. A current, as of water or air, moving contrary to the direction of the main current, especially in a circular motion.
      1. A violently confused or dangerously agitated state of mind, emotion, affairs, etc.
      2. A whirlpool of extraordinary size or violence.
      3. A famous strong, swirling tidal current off the W coast of Norway, hazardous to safe navigation
      1. A bathtub or pool having jets of warm water that can be directed toward a body part as for therapeutic purposes.
      2. Water in rapid, violent, whirling motion caused by two meeting currents, by winds meeting tides, etc. and tending to form a circle into which floating objects are drawn; vortex or eddy of water
      3. A bath, as used in hydrotherapy, in which an agitating device propels a current of warm water with a swirling motion
      1. 2012 May 9, Jonathan Wilson, “Europa League: Radamel Falcao's Atlético Madrid rout Athletic Bilbao", the Guardian:
      2. (Figuratively) A tendency of feeling or opinion that is concealed rather than exposed.
      3. An underlying tendency, force, or influence often contrary to what is superficially evident.
      1. (plural indrafts)
      2. A drawing in; inward pull or attraction
      3. An inward flow, stream, or current, esp. of air or water
      1. Any activity, situation, or state of affairs that resembles a whirl or eddy in its rush, absorbing effect, catastrophic power, etc.
      2. A whirlwind, whirlpool, or similarly moving matter in the form of a spiral or column.
      3. A whirling mass of water forming a vacuum at its center, into which anything caught in the motion is drawn; whirlpool
      1. A reflected image, likeness, or reproduction
      2. An image produced by reflection.
      3. (Linguistics) A form or feature that reflects or represents an earlier, often reconstructed, form or feature having undergone phonetic or other change.
      1. Any sudden, strong increase, as of energy, enthusiasm, etc.
      2. (--- Astronomy) A brief increase in the intensity of solar activity such as X-ray emission, solar wind, solar flares, and prominences.
      3. A sudden, sharp increase of electric current or voltage in a circuit
      1. Violent, irregular motion or swirling agitation of water, air, gas, etc.
      2. An eddying motion of the atmosphere that interrupts the flow of wind.
      3. (Uncountable) Disturbance in a gas or fluid, characterized by evidence of internal motion or unrest.
      1. A rip current.
      2. A particularly strong tidal current which may e.g. carry a swimmer far offshore.
      3. A current opposing other currents, producing violently disturbed water; esp., the strong, narrow flow of seawater that rushes seaward after incoming waves pile up on the shore
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