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Another word for unbend

  1. To take repose by ceasing work or other effort for an interval of time

      1. To release from intense concentration, hard work, worry, etc.; give rest to
      2. To take one's ease; rest.
      3. To rest from effort, worry, or work, as by lying down, engaging in recreation, etc.
      1. (Law) To complete the main presentation of (one's portion of a case):
      2. To be unchanged or unresolved:
      3. To give rest to; refresh by rest
      1. To straighten out or untangle (something confused or involved)
      2. To wind off; to loose or separate; to untwist; to untwine; as, to unwind thread, to unwind a ball of yarn
      3. (Intransitive, slang) To relax; to chill out; as, to rest and relieve of stress

Another word for unbend

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