Condescend Synonyms and Antonyms

To descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity
  1. deign
  2. stoop
  3. patronize
  4. vouchsafe
  5. lower oneself
  6. unbend
  7. descend
  8. humble oneself
  9. demean oneself
  10. degrade oneself
  11. submit with good grace
  12. concede
  13. assume a patronizing air
  14. assume a superior air
  15. talk down to
  16. lower one's tone
  17. graciously stoop
  18. accommodate oneself to (one regarded as inferior)
  19. oblige
  20. waive a privilege
  21. favor
  22. accord
  23. come down off one's high horse
  24. come down a peg
  25. sing small
  26. submit
  1. rise above
To treat in a superciliously indulgent manner
To do something that one regards as beneath one's social rank or dignity; lower oneself.
  1. stoop

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