Sentence Examples

  • A guy who is going to a medieval themed prom might want to forgo the classic tuxedo for a more Shakespearean look, he could try a costume shop to find a knight outfit, or if he is the class clown, why not look for a jester's costume?
  • A colored tuxedo is different from a normal tuxedo because of the fact that the jacket, pants, tie, and possibly the vest are all colored rather than the traditional black that most tuxedos tend to be.
  • Since almost all high schoolers tend to choose the traditional black and white tuxedo that probably comes to mind when you think of formal attire, you are going to stand out at least a little bit if you wear a colored prom tuxedo.
  • Other tools include step-by-step guides to tuxedo rental, the proper way to tie a bow tie, grooms' checklist, wedding tips and FAQ's, and a time-saving downloadable PDF file for your measurements (instructions included).
  • While men's formal wear is more or less limited to some form of a tuxedo, women's formal fashion can be anything from a dress suit featuring either a skirt or pants, a knee-length satin dress, or a long, elegant gown.