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Another word for tenancy

      1. (Archaic) A fortified place; a stronghold.
      2. A control or adjustor on a television that keeps the screen image in proper position:
      3. A manner of grasping an opponent, as in wrestling or aikido:
      1. A right of occupation and use:
      2. (Law) Power or control over something:
      3. A possessing or being possessed, as by ownership or occupancy; hold
      1. The use to which something occupied is put:
      2. (Law) The act of taking possession of previously unowned property with the intent of obtaining the right to own it.
      3. (Law) The taking possession of a previously unowned object, thus establishing ownership
      1. The act or right of holding property, an office, a position, etc.
      2. The status of holding one's position on a permanent basis without periodic contract renewals:
      3. The act, fact, manner, or condition of holding something in one's possession, as real estate or an office; occupation.
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