Sentence Examples

  • The superscription, if original, compels us to treat the whole writing as not only late but pseudonymous.
  • 1 as superscription rather than part of the text.
  • These liturgical notes make extremely probable the supposition that the poem has been taken from some collection like that of our present book of Psalms, probably on the ground of the authorship asserted by the superscription there attached to it.
  • This is the more modern view, in contrast to the earlier theory most generally accepted, according to which he flourished about l00 B.C. The earlier theory started from the superscription of one of his works, Ηρωνος Κτησιβίον βελοποιϊκά, from which it was inferred that Hero was a pupil of Ctesibius.
  • Nor can the relation of master and pupil be certainly inferred from the superscription quoted (observe the omission of any article), which really asserts no more than that Hero re-edited an earlier treatise by Ctesibius, and implies nothing about his being an immediate predecessor.