Sentence Examples

  • The slogan of the team is, "Stand fast. No matter what!"
  • The cruise line's distinctive slogan "A million ways to have fun" carries over to its ships, which are called Fun Ships to get each voyage into the right spirit from the moment of embarkation.
  • Many seasoned gamers take it for granted that they are quite skilled at using a control mechanism that has little to do with real-world movements.Enter the Nintendo DS and Nintendo's latest slogan: "Touching is good".
  • What's great about shopping online, besides that you don't have to go shopping, is that you can do a search for either a graphic or a slogan and are more than likely to come up with something close to what you're looking for.
  • Since those popular entertainment appearances, the prestige of associating diamonds with the eternal has grown, including world-renowned De Beers adopting the slogan "a diamond is forever" as one of their corporate icons.