Sentence Examples

  • MELORIA, a rocky islet, surrounded by a shoal, almost opposite Leghorn.
  • On the 28th of September the first real battle of the war was fought off the Kentish Knock, a shoal opposite the coast of Essex.
  • With flat and shelving shores, the shoal-banks off the main mouths of the delta form the chief danger to shipping, and this is guarded against by a good service of lighthouses and lightships.
  • Natural gas, piped from the Kansas fields, is used for light and power, and electricity for commercial lighting and power is derived from plants on Spring River, near Vark, Kansas, and on Shoal creek.
  • Without the occurrence of any event worthy of being chronicled, till suddenly one night at ten o'clock the water was found to shoal, without any sign of breakers or land.