Sentence Examples

  • Though comfort and sexiness don't always go hand in hand (just ask anyone who's stepped out in a pair of fabulous-yet-thoroughly-painful heels), more often than note it's quite possible to find something that easily meets both requirements.
  • For the guys who like to see a different beauty tacked on the wall for each month of the year, as well as the gorgeous coeds who don't mind showing a little sexiness along with their brains, these calendars can be a campus-wide hit.
  • A bra that puckers is not going to enhance your own feeling of sexiness, but a sheer exotic bra is still just that--exotic--and anyone for whom you wear it will be so pleased, they won't notice if it isn't a perfect fit.
  • Sure, body stockings, peek-a-boo nightgowns and sheer baby doll lingerie are sexy too, but there is something to be said about the sexiness a woman exudes when dressed in something completely feminine.
  • Although there are many colored lip glosses available on the market, the original formula created by Max Factor in 1932 was colorless and intended to mimic the sexiness of a wet and shiny pout.