Sentence Examples

  • 2 The art of the sapper and miner, the use of siege instruments like the mangonel, and the employment of various "fires" as missiles, were all known among the Mahommedans; and in all these respects the Franks learned from their enemies.
  • Goodman, Gordon, Holmes, Maudslay, Mercer, Putnam, Sapper, Marshall H.
  • The average temperatures for these months at places of different altitudes, as given by Dr Karl Sapper, are shown on the following page.
  • The Indian army consists of 138 battalions of infantry, 10 regiments of cavalry, 16 mountain batteries, i garrison artillery company, 32 sapper and miner companies (2 railways companies included).
  • Mendez, Guia del immigrante en la republica de Guatemala (Guatemala, 1895); Karl Sapper, "Grundziige der physikalischen Geographie von Guatemala," Erganzungshef t No.