Sentence Examples

  • The tracheal system in Hexapods is very complex, 1 x, forming a series of longitudinal trunks with nexions transvers II), anastomosing finest sub-division and extendingdi by g by the After Miall and Denny, The Cock- nest su-vson and re roach, Lovell Reeve & Co.
  • Roach Smith is a strong advocate for the bridge, and remarks, " It would naturally be erected somewhere in the direct line of road into Kent, which I cannot but think pointed towards the site of Old London Bridge, both from its central situation, from the general absence of the foundations of buildings in the approaches on the northern side, and from discoveries recently made in the Thames on the line of the old bridge " (Archaeologia, xxix.
  • For descriptions of other Cyprinids than the carp, see Goldfish, Barbel, Gudgeon, Rudd, Roach, Chub, Dace, Minnow, Tench, Bream, Bleak, Bitterling, Mahseer.
  • It lies on the small river Roach, near the head of a long estuary.
  • The northern wall was placed by Roach Smith somewhere along the course of Cornhill and Leadenhall Street..