Sentence Examples

  • Looks like he ate his service revolver, but the jury's still out.
  • 1908 set on foot a great demonstration at the university of Vienna, in which the usual fairly harmless fighting with sticks was replaced by revolver shooting.
  • Other important products were foundry and machine-shop products ($ 1, 749, 0 54); paper goods ($1,481,427, not including envelopes, which had an additional value of almost $700,000); cars, automobiles, firearms (besides the Federal arsenal there is the Smith & Wesson revolver factory); and printing and publishing ($1,165,544).
  • The violent polemics aroused against him at this time caused a madman to attack him with a revolver, and he died from the wound, on the 17th of March 1893.
  • The royal carriage was struck by several revolver and rifle bullets, the horses wounded, but its occupants escaped unhurt.