Sentence Examples

  • Avoid areas where there is a lot of vibration: If you plan to place your wine rack in the laundry room, on top of the refrigerator or next to the garage door opener, you may want to rethink that.
  • This behavior is forcing hotels to rethink presentations and offerings, moving away from the no frills barred "Have a night out on us" to a more practical "We'll leave the lights on" approach.
  • Okay I've been thinking of bunches of Valentine's Day gifts for my buds, but I keep having to rethink since I keep telling myself this is too much or not good enough.
  • I suspect that when your ex realizes he no longer has a hold on you, either he will rethink his decision or he will let you go so that you can move on with your life and find someone who actually wants a long-term commitment with you.
  • If that new kitten you think you're in love with has a sign that is strongly incompatible with your established house cat, it might be better to rethink your decision before bringing the kitten home.