Sentence Examples

  • The reappearance of the residual charge is promoted by tapping the glass.
  • Analogous changes are observed in the residual magnetization which remains after the wire has been subjected to fields of different strength.
  • Both observers noticed analogous effects in the residual magnetization.
  • PHENANTHRENE, C14H10, a hydrocarbon isomeric with anthracene, with which it occurs in the fraction of the coal tar distillate boiling between 270°-400° C. It may be separated from the anthracene oil by repeated fractional distillation, followed by fractional crystallization from alcohol (anthracene being the less soluble), and finally purified by oxidizing any residual anthracene with potassium bichromate and sulphuric acid (R.
  • Was whether the mechanical impulsion was a direct effect of the light, or whether the radiation only set up internal stresses, acting in and through the residual air, between the vanes and the walls of the enclosure.