Sentence Examples

  • Regression analysis was used to predict the outcome.
  • Children with this disorder develop normally until at least two years of age, after which an obvious regression in multiple functional skills occurs, including bladder and bowel control, ability to move, and language skills.
  • If people in your current life have been revealed to you in a past life and are open to participating in a regression, you, too, may be able to validate your past life recollection through their regression sessions.
  • For example, for childhood disintegrative disorder to be diagnosed, symptoms must be preceded by at least two years of normal development and onset of decline and regression must occur prior to age 10 years.
  • Hypnotherapists: If you live near a university or other school that teaches hypnotherapy, you may be able to find a hypnotherapist in training who is willing to perform a free past life regression session.