Sentence Examples

  • In that position he won repute for his organizing capacity, great power of work and unswerving probity - the last of which qualities was none too common in the French armies at that time.
  • John James Ruskin, a typical Scot, of remarkable energy, probity and foresight, built up a great business, paid off his father's debts, formed near London a most hospitable and cultured home, where he maintained his taste for literature and art, and lived and died, as his son proudly wrote upon his tomb, "an entirely honest merchant."
  • Concerning the virtues of truth and probity, extremely conflicting opinions have been expressed.
  • With this aim in view he sought to find a man possessing ability in war and probity in civil affairs, who would act as figure-head to his long projected constitution.
  • This office he filled with great prudence and probity, removing many abuses in the administration of justice in Egypt.